Worship Helpers

The St. David’s Acolyte Team is made up of boys and girls in grades five through high school and college who participate in the sacramental ministry  at St. David’s by serving as acolytes,  crucifers, and torch bearers.   They are trained and supervised by a lay Acolyte Master. They wear vestments, based on an ancient history of service at the altar. Acolytes accept the privilege and responsibility of assisting the clergy at regular Sunday services and at other special liturgies throughout the year. To become an acolyte, call the church office at 843 537-3852.

Lay readers are parishioners selected and trained to read the appointed lessons and lead the Prayers of the People.  Adults who read well and enjoy reading in public are encouraged to read at the 8:00 and 11:00 Sunday service.

The ushers are charged with warmly welcoming parishioners and visitors to worship services.  They are also responsible for escorted seating, collecting the offering, directing the orderly flow of persons to the altar during communion, helping in emergencies, and assisting the clergy in identifying newcomers and visitors.

Altar Guild
Under the direction of the Altar Guild Director, members of the Altar Guild have the unique responsibility of preparing the church for services of divine worship.  They prepare the altar, Eucharistic vessels, hangings, and linens for every service.

Flower Guild
The Flower Guild arranges the altar flowers and any other special flowers in the church for worship.  This committee accepts memorial gifts to dedicate flowers in memory of loved ones.


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